What is Ragnarock ?

Are you ready to rock? Ragnarock is a solo/multiplayer VR rhythm game in which you play a viking captain competing in a ship race. Pound your drums to the sound of epic music, from celtic rock to viking power metal, and set sail against your rivals in multiplayer mode. Will you outrace them all and carve your name on top of the leaderboard?

With your two hammers, crush the incoming runes in sync with epic viking music. Keep hitting the runes perfectly to accumulate combo energy in your hammers, and you will be able to activate a speed boost!

How many songs are there in the game ?

There are 32 songs right now. You can find links to listen to the songs on our website here :


Volume 1: 30 songs

  • Alestorm - Chomp chomp
  • Alestorm - Mexico
  • Alestorm - No grave but the sea
  • Alestorm - Tortuga
  • Celkilt - Dewey
  • Celkilt - Next One Down
  • Celkilt - Whaole
  • Feuerschwanz - Kampfzwerg
  • Feuerschwanz - Metfest
  • GloryHammer - Hootsforce
  • GloryHammer - Masters of the galaxy
  • GloryHammer - Universe on Fire
  • Manaberry - Welcome to asgard (an exclusive creation for Ragnarock!)
  • Nanowar of Steel - Valhalleluja
  • Niklas Johansson - Call of the North
  • Paddy and the Rats - Join the Riot
  • Sabordage - Au petit matin (an exclusive creation for Ragnarock!)
  • Sabordage - The Great Pirate Bottle (an exclusive creation for Ragnarock!)
  • Saltatio Mortis - Loki
  • Saltatio Mortis - Löwenherz
  • Sons Of O’Flaherty - Dead and Gone
  • Sons Of O’Flaherty - Red Wine Teeth
  • The SIDH - Heroes
  • The SIDH - Iridium
  • The SIDH - Nitro
  • Ultra Vomit - Evier Metal
  • Ultra Vomit - Kammthaar
  • Wind Rose - Drunken Dwarves
  • Wind Rose - Mine Mine Mine!
  • Wind Rose - To Erebor

Volume 2: 2 songs (and more to come)

  • Æther Realm - Redneck Vikings from Hell
  • Jinjer - Mediator

What are the streaming rights on the songs regarding DMCA ?

All the songs in Ragnarock have been officially licensed with the corresponding music labels, and we allow you as a player and creator to feature these songs in your content as long as it remains in the context of gameplay. Unfortunately, neither us nor the labels we're working with can prevent your content from being automatically detected as illegal use (even though it's not) by Twitch (which will mute your VOD and clips).

That said, there are 4 songs that are perfectly safe to stream:

  • The Great Pirate Bottle - Sabordage
  • Au petit matin - Sabordage
  • Call Of The North - Niklas Johansson
  • Welcome to Asgard - Manaberry

It seems some songs from different labels are also not currently detected by Twitch and should be okay to stream right now (with no guarantee for the future):

  • Dead and Gone, Red Wine Teeth - Sons Of O’Flaherty
  • Dewey, Next One Down, Whaole - Celkilt
  • Heroes, Iridium, Nitro - The SIDH

Can we map and play custom songs ?

Yes, you can play custom songs in solo mode and in the context of private use only. The feature is in beta right now. A guide on how to create a custom song is available in the

 Steam Community Hub.

Once you have custom songs, you just need to place them in the correct folder so that they are imported by the game:

  • On PC, navigate to your your default 'Documents' folder. Create a folder named 'Ragnarock' there and another folder named 'CustomSongs' inside. Place your custom songs folders inside of it. To sum up, the full path will look like [pathToDocumentsFolder]\Documents\Ragnarock\CustomSongs\MySong. OR Custom songs placed in the installation folder of Ragnarock, under 'Ragnarock/Ragnarock' in a folder 'CustomSongs' are also imported
  • On Oculus Quest, connect your headset to your computer by cable. Make sure you enable USB transfer to your device by validating the popup in your headset. Open up the Oculus Quest folder on your computer's file explorer and navigate to Internal shared storage > Android > data > com.wanadev.ragnarockquest > files > UE4Game > Ragnarock > Ragnarock > Saved.
    Create a folder named 'CustomSongs' there and place your custom songs folders inside.

Are there tools available for content creators and streamers ?

Where can I see the leaderboards ?

  • Worldwide leaderboards are visible in the solo menu of the game, by selecting a song on the middle panel and then a level on the right panel.
  • They are also displayed at the end of every song you play (solo or multiplayer) on the right score panel.
  • You can also see the top 100 here on our website : https://www.ragnarock-vr.com/leaderboard

How many players can there be in multiplayer mode ?

Up to 6 players, whether in public or private sessions.

What is in the multiplayer mode ?

  • You can join a public game (Quickplay) by choosing your level, and you will join an existing server closest to your selected level. If there isn’t anyone playing yet, you can warm up in solo mode while you wait.
  • You can also host a private game locally on your PC, and give the code to your friends so they can join you via code.
  • In solo, you can race against up to 6 ghost ships representing your best score or other players to add some competition.

Why do runes have different symbols ?

The different symbols correspond to different places in the musical measure. For example there is one symbol for all runes on strong beats, and a different symbol for runes that are off by half a beat. This is designed to help you know when to hit runes relatively to the music and to each other (runes with different symbols must never be hit together).

Is there an option to have the drums positioned in a semi-circle instead of a line ?

No there isn’t, and that’s because we want to think first about readability of the rune pattern. Runes that must be hit together are on the same line, but it wouldn’t be the case if the drums were not in a straight line. Know though that there is a little more tolerance for error on the side drums, to compensate for arm reach.

Which platforms are supported ?

Which headsets are supported ?

  • Oculus Rift and Rift S
  • Oculus Quest 1 or 2 with Link cable or with Virtual Desktop
  • HTC Vive and Vive Pro and Vive Cosmos
  • Valve Index
  • Windows Mixed Reality

I have a problem, can you help me ?

check out the Known issues or use our Discord (troubleshooting channel) to tell us about your problem. We (and the community) will do our best to help you!

Can I offer Ragnarock in my VR arcade ?

Ragnarock on Steam is provided for private use only. To offer this game in your LBVR/VR arcade, please check out our full offer (with a lot of multiplayer games): Octopod